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Pre-Engineered Spec Truck & Trailer Models

First things first... check out the APEX SPEC Series. The SPEC series is APEX’s line of pre-engineered food trucks and food trailers that have already been designed and can be built in a much faster turnaround time than our fully custom trucks and trailers. Our in-house design and engineering team have invested resources in ensuring the SPEC models represent past builds that have generated the highest ROI. Our SPEC series includes mobile food (all cuisines), marketing and retail applications. The SPEC series, like all APEX builds, includes an unmatched 5-year warranty on our superior craftsmanship. Are your needs beyond the SPEC series, and more custom? Check out the Custom Series and allow our engineering and design team to bring your vision to fruition.

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Fully Custom Truck & Trailer Models

Is your vision beyond the SPEC series? APEX's custom series focuses on projects outside the realm of the SPEC series. Our custom process is focused on designing and engineering the customers' vision, through 3D realistic renderings, the scope of work, detailed floorplans, and pricing, so the customer is able to visually understand their project, and make an informed business decision. Our experience with custom projects has allowed us to continue to push the envelope, from anything from a mobile broadcasting studio to an MLB mobile retail truck.

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A tradition of building unparalleled craftsmanship
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A message from the CEO: "Our team takes pride in producing top-quality solutions that defy expectations and go beyond the norm. Innovation is in our blood. APEX has an undeniable recipe that allows our team of creative geniuses to thrive in a process-focused environment which drives the most spectacular craftsmanship in our industry. Our team loves what they do and it shows—from the first phone call to final delivery of your masterpiece!"

Superior Craftsmanship

Mobile Food Solutions

APEX is the industry leader in mobile food trucks, trailers, and custom food solutions. If a truck with an incredible full kitchen inside is what you have in mind, APEX can craft exactly what you're looking for. If you're interested in a trailer, the APEX team will hand-build a trailer featuring a bulletproof base platform and build the kitchen inside to your exact specifications.

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Marketing Solutions

Looking to build a mobile experience? APEX understands how to work directly with marketing companies to custom craft a solution that not only meets, but exceeds the end customers' expectations while staying in the timeline. Are you an end user yourself? Let APEX's creative geniuses get to work creating the perfect solution for your budget and timeline. We pride ourselves on building mind-blowing experiences!

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Merchandising Solutions

Looking for a high-end solution that shouts your unique brand to the world? The APEX team has you covered with our experienced designers and craftsmen who understand how to take even your most delicate brand elements and incorporate innovative fabricating techniques into an amazing solution that lets you do what you do best.

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