3 Things You Need to Consider Before Starting Your Custom Build for the Kansas City Area

The food truck scene is growing in major cities similar to Kansas City, Missouri. If you are interested in beginning your new business and want to make it mobile, here are some important things to know:

  1. Narrow your menu

Narrowing your menu can help in several ways. It helps with food cost and can reduce the amount of wasted or extra food at your restaurant. Another important reason is it can assist with the operation of your truck.

To operate a food truck in Kansas City, Missouri, you must have a permit. Read more about the requirements for Kansas City, Missouri, food permits on page 4 here: http://kcmo.gov/health/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2013/09/Guide-for-operating-a-mobile-unit-food-service.pdf

  1. Find a trusted builder that knows what they are doing

Although your food truck builder may know the requirements to operate a food truck, you don’t want to rely on them to know all the requirements your location has. It is important to ensure your builder is aware of all the building requirements your city, county, and state requires. It is helpful to have a credible builder that works with you to ensure all codes are met before building your food truck. Here at APEX, we work with all of our clients before starting their build to ensure we both understand all the requirements needed to operate the food truck.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the health department has strict rules of materials allowed to be used in the truck. Read more about the material and other general requirements on page 6 at: http://kcmo.gov/health/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2013/09/Guide-for-operating-a-mobile-unit-food-service.pdf  

  1. Read safety regulations carefully

Different cities and states have varying rules and regulations for safety. It is necessary to understand and read all of the regulations for your location before parking your food truck. Most cities will have documents on their city’s page that discuss the safety requirements for vendors and food trucks. Make sure you read these and understand exactly how they work. It is also important to make sure nothing in your custom build prevents you from being able to follow the regulations.

Kansas City has regulations for all street food vendors. You can read about them at http://kcmo.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2013/11/Guidelines-for-KCMO-Street-Food-Vendors.pdf to ensure you know exactly what needs to be done before parking your food truck in Kansas City.

It is important that your food truck can comply with all rules and regulations established by your city, county, and state. There can be many different regulations in your area, if there is ever any confusion get it clarified before beginning your food truck build. Although credible builders will know and understand most regulations, you also need to understand them as the owner.