3 Tips for Standing Out in the Mobile Food Truck Arena

When you are trying to stand out in the mobile food truck business, it can be daunting. You’re stepping into a $2.7 billion industry (foodtrucknation.us, 2017) with a rapid growth rate of 300% in three years. The opportunities are there, so it’s a matter of setting a plan, implementing said plan, and hustling to get where you want to be. We’ll outline 3 tips for standing out in the mobile food truck arena to get you amped and ready to tackle success!

Tip 1: Get social.

Social media is where it’s at in 2019 and beyond. Social media offers a platform and an opportunity to market your brand in an inexpensive way, while reaching a large audience. Social media has many layers that contribute to success, so it’s key to create a social media marketing plan.  With a simple google search, you can find many templates and suggestions for a social media marketing plan, however we’ve found an educational website, contentmarketinginstitute.com, that offers a specific template that outlines some great ideas for social media presence. Check out the template here: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2018/11/smart-social-media-plan/.

The content on this website outlines factors to consider when devising a social media marketing plan, including:

  • Objectives
  • Outlets – which feeds will you focus on? Twitter, IG, Facebook…
  • Goals of the social presence – setting bench-markers
  • Key performance indicators to measure success of the strategy
  • Social trends – buzz words, hashtags
  • Audience identification – who is your target audience?
  • Call to action suggestions

For anyone starting out as an entrepreneur food truck owner, or even the veteran food truck owners that need to revamp their social presence, this content is a great resource to reference.

Tip 2: Create an Experience.

Operating a food truck doesn’t always need to be presented as a transactional experience, meaning you order your food, wait in silence (tinkering on your phone), then the food is handed to you and you’re on your way.  The experience at your food truck can be anything you want to make it. This is your place of business. Just as restaurants aim to create a certain vibe, food trucks can create a unique experience for their visitors. Here are a few examples of ways to create an impression on your customers that is different from other food trucks, and will ultimately increase your customer loyalty.

  • Stream upbeat music throughout your food truck and serving area to draw attention and excitement to those passing by. This is a different, yet easy and inexpensive, way to attract attention to your food truck. This also keeps the environment lively, upbeat and content while preparing their food. 
  • Adding some cool signage outside of your truck that lists specials or upcoming events. Websites like vistaprint.com offer many outdoor signage solutions at a decent price. See the below examples that could be custom-branded with your logo including flags, A-frames, chalkboard signage, and more!
  • Set up a ‘photo op’ area with a simple and inexpensive backdrop that includes your logo and a few props. Encourage people to post a picture of themselves (with the food), tag your food truck on social media, and enter to win some swag. This is also a great way to generate some free social media buzz and excitement.
  • Offer samples of menu items to patrons while they’re waiting for their food. This is a great time to use the customers as ‘taste testers’ and conduct market research on your menu ideas. Engage your customers by asking for their feedback. 
  • Engage in a contest… feature a menu item that customers can vote on a name for. For example, if you serve a bacon, avocado, cheese burger, you could ask for votes on the potential names… “The Bacado Burger” or “The Baconator”  – generates buy-in from the customer.

Tip 3: It’s all about the truck.

The final of the 3 Tips for Standing Out in the Mobile Food Truck Arena is focused on the custom-built food truck. Any owner/operator knows that the food truck success begins with the most important element of your business – the food truck. Without a reliable, productive and well-built custom food truck, your social media strategy has no relevance. 

Specialty food truck and trailer builders like APEX Specialty Vehicles are focused on the design, innovation and product endurance for each and every build. APEX houses a design and engineering team that focuses on getting the build layout, kitchen equipment, and finishing touches right before moving ahead with the actual build process. With over 700 custom builds completed in APEX’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility, customers expect high quality results. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, APEX is focused on the process, quality control, and transparency. 

Of course unexpected issues occur with food trucks – it will happen to every single one at some point. APEX puts your mind at ease with their 5-yr cross country warranty. You simply take your truck to the nearest repair facility and APEX will cover it. We need you to stay on the road to generate profit, and do what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest. 

We hope you found the content for this article – 3 Tips for Standing Out in the Mobile Food Truck Arena – helpful. For more information on how to receive pricing on your upcoming food truck project, visit https://apexspecialtyvehicles.com/quoter/.