5 Qualities of High End Food Truck Builds

Specialty manufacturers are not all capable of building to the same high standards. One may assume that the higher the price tag, the greater the build quality and finishes. However that is not always the case especially when comparing custom food truck and trailer builders. Specialty builders similar to APEX Specialty Vehicles have established some of the highest standards of fabrication and generated builds with the greatest ROI out there.  Let’s check out 5 qualities of high end food truck builds that raise the bar for the mobile food industry as a whole.

#1: 3D Designs and Renderings

Let’s begin with the design and engineering aspect of a specialty build. The design of a custom food truck or trailer is the single most important element of the project. The design determines the efficiency and success of a mobile food business. Without efficient throughput in the interior of a food truck, the business can suffer issues that could easily be prevented if more thought, effort, and focus was placed on the design to begin with. 

Consequently, it’s important to ask about the specialty builder’s design philosophy.  Helpful questions to ask include

How much planning is involved during the design phase?
How much input does the customer have on the design? 
How many revisions to the design does the customer receive? 
Do you get to see your design before committing to the build? 
Are the engineers experienced? What software is being used? 

At APEX, our focus is on the design and engineering of each build. We believe design is so important that we include 40-60 hours of design work on each build even before the project is signed off on. We focus on our client’s best interest, which is why our building process begins with a 3D design during our quotation process. Yes, you heard that correctly. We staff experienced design engineers who will work directly with you to create a 3D design of your future custom food truck or trailer. 

#2: Engineering and Design Team

APEX has changed the specialty build culture from on-the-fly job shop mentality to forward thinking design and engineering focused. 
Five engineers on staff with full 3D design software
Quote 5-10 fully engineered builds each week
3D renderings and floor plans

#3: Quality Control

Most companies don’t have a quality control system in place. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, APEX understands and stands behind our committee to quality control and assurance. APEX has a Quality Management System and an Enterprise Resource Planning System in place at their Kansas City facility. This allows for on-time deliveries, customer-centric processes, and full traceability amongst all departments.

#4: Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal. With custom food trucks, you are not only providing warranty for the craftsmanship, but also on the step van as well. Using APEX as an example again, they offer a nationwide, 5-year limited warranty on our workmanship. If you experience an issue with your truck or trailer, no matter where in the country you are located, simply call your provided APEX support team. We’ll find a certified technician near you to repair your truck or trailer in a timely manner to ensure your business can continue without issue. All equipment warranties are fully transferred to our buyers. 

#5: Superior Finishes 

As you begin the research process of finding the right custom food truck builder, it’s important to understand what cooking equipment to use inside of a specialty food truck that will yield the greatest return and throughput. Questions to consider include
What type of food will you be cooking?
What needs to be refrigerated? Fried? Sauteed? Baked?
How much space will you need to assemble and plate the food?

Many factors should be considered when deciding on the interior cooking equipment to use in a custom food truck. Allow APEX’s in-house design and engineering team help you configure the best solution for your specific needs. Your builder should have the experience and knowledge to understand your needs and provide a solution that fits your objectives. 

An APEX food truck build can be spotted in a line-up. The attention to detail, custom finishes, and true craftsmanship are hard to miss. Our team has been fabricating food trucks, marketing trucks, and food trailers for over ten years and our quality speaks for itself. Other builders may have great quality and finishes, but with APEX, you are guaranteed the standard level of finishes on all builds. 

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