5 Reasons To Start a Food Truck

If you cook amazing food and want to share it with your community, then stop considering a traditional restaurant and consider a food truck. Food trucks offer a unique opportunity that you won’t get from a brick and mortar. Here are 5 reasons you should own a food truck:
1. Food trucks have a lower initial investment
Opening a brick and mortar restaurant has many risks. According to Concordia University, 60% of restaurants fail within the first year. The investment is lower with food trucks because of the various options available to customize your truck. For example, food trucks can be new or used trucks which offers a lot more options when selecting the truck that best matches your needs.
2. Food trucks involve low operation cost
One of the highest cost of running a traditional restaurant is food cost and labor. A food truck is much smaller, which lowers your overhead.  Food truck operators commonly only have a few employees working at one time and the amount of food that  is purchased depends on the events that are happening that day(s) for the food truck.
3. Food trucks can attract more customers
Step vans are mobile billboards. When you drive the food truck around downtown you are able to reach new customers and remind previous customer of your truck.  Also by tying your mobile business to social media you can grow and expand your customer base to an even bigger audience.
4. Food trucks can experiment with location
A big risk happens before opening a restaurant, and that is finding the perfect location. With a food truck, you can experiment with different locations and find the area that works best. On top of that, most of the premium locations for a brick and mortar can cost $10,000 a month. Most startup business can’t afford that, but with a food truck that is not as much of an issue, just make sure you have your permits.
5. Food trucks allow you to build (or expand) a brand
Once you have built your brand and experimented with the location then you are ready to expand your business by opening more food trucks or establishing a brick and mortar.
Check out a video of some of the food trucks we have custom built below. To see more of the trucks we have done visit our Portfolio!