APEX’s SPEC Series Brings Innovation to Food Truck Builds

Custom Grill Food Trailer - 18ft V1.0

APEX’s SPEC Series Brings Innovation to Food Truck Builds

APEX is the first custom food truck builder to offer a SPEC series of pre-designed and pre-engineered food truck units. APEX’s SPEC Series brings innovation to food truck builds with the ability to build a high quality custom solution with a much faster turnaround time than other builders. We have repeatedly planned, designed, and built these models for other customers which allows you to take advantage of benefiting from the successes of prior builds. By selecting a SPEC pre-engineered truck or trailer, you get the benefit of a refined process, which allows us to execute a high quality build in a shorter amount of time. Pick the truck or trailer model, length, and floorplan that suits your individual needs. With so many SPEC trucks and trailers to choose from, you can’t go wrong!APEX's SPEC Series Brings Innovation to Food Truck Builds

Our difference is simple – we offer a SPEC line of truck and trailer products, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered. If your needs are beyond the SPEC line, we offer a custom series for projects outside the box. We stand by our craftsmanship on every unit that leaves our facility by offering an unmatched 5-year warranty, the most extensive in the industry.

APEX understands the importance of being heard and understood while making one of the largest investments in your business. To continually provide a competitive edge over our competitors, our team welcomed an in-house design and engineering team. This resource offers an incredible amount of value to our customers, and allowed us to create a series of SPEC units that are pre-engineered and pre-designed based on our most successful past projects.

How does APEX’s SPEC Series bring innovation to food truck builds?


The APEX experience incorporates 3D models to encourage clarity and transparency on the design and build process. Our website displays our SPEC series options, separated by cuisine type, and includes the length, price, floorplan, and pictures. This provides our customers with the ability to review our options and increases our transparency. Let’s get started by viewing the SPEC series and deciding what the best fit for your needs is!


APEX's SPEC Series Brings Innovation to Food Truck Builds APEX's SPEC Series Brings Innovation to Food Truck Builds