Building Custom BBQ Trucks

AngelFire 7 BBQ - Custom BBQ Truck

From ribs to brisket, BBQ trucks are one of the most popular food trucks around. When deciding to expand your existing BBQ business, launch a catering business, or replace your brick and mortar with a food truck, it’s important to understand how custom food trucks are built. Food trucks range in the level of customization – from DIY to higher-end custom food trucks. Allow us to explain the APEX process of Building Custom BBQ Trucks. Building Custom BBQ Trucks

Building Custom BBQ Trucks

After the decision has been made to extend your business plan to include a custom BBQ food truck, many variables should be considered when deciding on a builder. For example, has your builder provided a detailed scope of work, pricing, floor plan, and engineering/3D specifications? APEX has a distinct process of allowing our customers to understand the logistics of building custom BBQ trucks. We begin with listening to our customers’ needs and pairing the correct SPEC model – which are pre-designed and pre-engineered – with their needs, or determining if their needs are outside of the SPEC series, and then pursuing the Custom series.

Manufacturing varies from builder to builder. Some builders encourage the vehicle to proceed into the build process without confirmed engineering and design. From our experience within our process-driven team, we do not have projects hit the production floor until the following elements are finalized: floor plans, engineering, design, and scope of work. Visit our site to understand the WHY APEX difference.

The build process for each builder differs. Part of understanding how custom food trucks are built is determining the actual production schedule for your project. APEX has a standard process for our projects. SPEC units can be built within four weeks after the design, engineering, purchasing and procurement are complete.

Once the unit is completely fabricated, some builders offer graphics or paint services. APEX has an in-house industrial paint booth, as well as the ability to offer the option for full graphics. All of the elements of the custom food truck build are completed at our facility, and drive away with an unmatched 5-yr craftsmanship warranty on the unit. As stated, “this is the longest warranty I’ve seen in the industry.”  APEX stands behind our products. Ready to browse our online portfolio? Or ready to complete our custom quoter tool?

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