Centrally Located Food Truck Builder

Centrally Located Food Truck Builder

Let’s head into Day 11, and take a look at a Centrally Located Food Truck Builder

Centrally located and building a superior product, APEX continues to house their food truck manufacturing in the Kansas City area, in a facility of over 50,000 square feet. The food truck builder list may be long; however builders that produce high quality trucks and trailers with superior standards is quickly reduced to a very short list, and APEX is among the leader on that list. APEX continues to provide some of the highest quality units to brands and companies across the country.

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Centrally Located Food Truck Builder

APEX has been building food trucks and trailers in the Kansas City area for nearly nine years. The CEO, Brad Carlson, began his venture in college and continued to push the envelope to make the APEX standard one that has never been set by other builders. “Our team takes pride in producing top-quality solutions that defy expectations and go beyond the norm. Innovation is in our blood. APEX has an undeniable recipe that allows our team of creative geniuses to thrive in a process-focused environment which drives the most spectacular craftsmanship in our industry. Our team loves what they do and it shows—from the first phone call to final delivery of your masterpiece,” stated Brad Carlson.

Centrally Located Food Truck BuilderAs APEX continues to experience growth, the Kansas City area is taking notice. Ingram’s Magazine recently published the 31st Annual Ranking of the 2016 Corporate Report 100: The Kansas City Area’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.Ranked in spot #35 and for the 3rd year on the list, APEX and our sister company, MAG Trucks, the leading supplier of new and used step vans, were listed for incredible growth. The publication indicated our 150.71% growth; with an average annual growth rate of 50.24%. For more information on the Corporate Report, please visit: http://ingrams.com/article/kcs-100-fastest-growing-companies/


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