Common Mobile Food Truck Issues

Whether brick and mortar or mobile, operating a restaurant or catering company is challenging. There are four common mobile food truck issues that we will be reviewing. Understanding that operating in a 16 or 18-ft step van has many differences than a storefront, some would even venture to say more challenges than a traditional brick and mortar. Let’s check out a few of the common mobile food truck issues. 

  1. Crew
    Finding the right staff and personnel is key. Without the correct team members in place, owner and operators can spend the majority of your time dealing with personnel issues and solving problems. With the right staff members in place, you can find a level of trust with said personnel and allow yourself the space and time to allocate to other business operations. This could seem like a minor issue, but crew and personnel can be one of the costliest issues a mobile food truck can encounter. 
  2. Business 101
    One of the common issues with food truck businesses is understanding and implementing the business basics – marketing, accounting, placement/location, and code regulations. The basics are the most crucial part of operation a food truck business. For example, marketing is comprised of both social media and word of mouth/loyalty. Although you have a mobile food truck set up at many events, what good will it do if nobody knows what you serve? Getting social is an inexpensive way to reach a large audience. 
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  3. Truck Issues
    Without an operable food truck, you have no way to generate revenue and maintain business.  Without a reputable food truck builder, one can make many small design and fabrication mistakes that will greatly cost the mobile food truck business. A few questions to ask your food truck builder to ensure you don’t encounter some of these common food truck issues include: 
    What is your warranty policy? Length, what it includes? 
    What is the design and engineering process? 
    Ask to look at past projects the builder has completed. 
    What is the experience of the builder? Ask for references. 
    Where are their step vans sourced from? What is the lead time on them?
  4. Menu
    Let’s say you operate a mobile food truck in Texas in the middle of summer, would you serve a bowl of chili? Probably not. Taking advantage of your regions fresh veggies and fruits is a great way to reduce the pre-packaged food expense and to keep your ingredients fresh and in-season. 

Operating a business successfully has its challenges, so understanding the common mobile food truck issues is important.  As a leading in high-end food truck fabrication and ROI-generating food trucks, APEX is here to answer any of your questions. Simply start by filling out our quoter form –