Creating a WOW Mobile Experience

Experiential marketing is gaining efficacy as a way to validate ROI and increase brand awareness. Top fabricators like APEX Specialty Vehicles have extensive experience building mobile experiences beyond the scope of food trucks. Creating a WOW Mobile Experience can generate greater product engagement and customer interactions than many other forms of marketing. Let’s check out a recent project that APEX completed for a ground-breaking pizza franchise from the San Jose, California area.  This innovative pizza franchise is known as Zume Pizza and focuses on robotic technology to create and deliver delicious pizza. 

In order to generate an unforgettable experience, and ultimately increase sales and brand loyalty, Zume partnered with APEX Specialty Vehicles to design, engineer and fabricate a 1964 English double decker bus. This two-story bus was custom-equipped to bring a WOW factor to events across central California. 

About Zume Pizza –
Zume has established a formula for partnering people with technology that creates a more thoughtful and efficient way to make, bake and deliver pizza. In the process, we’re delivering pizza that takes care of the people who eat it and make it, and even takes better care of the planet we all love.

The lower level of this custom bus is equipped with robotic style kitchen technology that APEX has already built into multiple food trucks for Zume. The top level of the bus provides an experience…. a 360-degree view while enjoying delicious pizza. The spiral staircase to the top level opens to a bright open air seating area. The design and engineering aspects of this build are truly unique. Not all builders are equipped to handle the engineering needs required for this level of fabrication. APEX’s onsite engineering and design team invested in the upfront 3D design renderings and testing required to meet code and guidelines. 

Many custom builders across the United States build experiential, or mobile marketing, vehicles. However, not all builders invest in a structured visioning process with customers, and fewer still understand the design and engineering required to achieve marketing goals associated with experiential marketing. Below, our experts share two primary ways to integrate a custom vehicle into experiential marketing as a way to reach a larger target audience at a much lower cost.

Before diving into details, take a look at some of the various uses of experiential marketing vehicles used for Creating a WOW Mobile Experience:

Display / Educational: showcasing products and bringing along brand ambassadors / experts to demonstrate the product uses and answer questions

Product and Brand Awareness: create a fun atmosphere to engage your audience (examples include product samples, live music, food trucks, games)

Experiential: engage your audience, and get people talking! Modern buyers are programmed for immediate gratification, so bringing an experience to your customers creates a lasting impression, along with a social media presence (free PR!). Your visitors are likely to whip out their cell phones, take pictures and videos, and post on social media outlets. Just a tip … have your handles and hashtags ready to go!

Government / Task: build a custom vehicle that is able to execute the needed task. Mobile marketing is often as much about service as it is about experience. Our kitchen-oriented vehicles have been designed to serve meals to veterans, and builds focusing on public health have distributed medical supplies after natural disasters. From armed forces recruiting centers to mobile command centers, public entities often maximize their specialty builds for purpose and promotion.

Another way to integrate a custom vehicle Into experiential marketing is to know your benchmark objectives and have a plan in place to capture ROI for measurement of success. The investment of a custom vehicle is a significant expense for many companies or entrepreneurs, and APEX understands that. We commit to our clients from the beginning by taking the time to gain an understanding of their goals and objectives and designing a custom build to match. Whether we are building a fully-functional food truck for a BBQ franchise, a custom retail truck for a professional sports team, or a massive mobile command center for law enforcement, we work with our clients to put the elements in place for success.

Listen to APEX’s CEO, Brad Carlson, highlight how the use of an experiential or marketing vehicle can increase ROI.

Are you ready to take your vision to the next step? If so, check out our custom pricing tool here. It’s easy to get started and allow APEX to help you begin the process.