Designing a Food Truck in 3D

Designing a Food Truck in 3D

31daysofapexLet’s head into Day 18, and discuss Designing a Food Truck in 3D.

Many food truck builders can build a sufficient food truck, however not many builders have a dedicated in-house team responsible for designing food trucks and specialty vehicles in 3D. APEX has four full-time engineers on staff that partner with the sales team and the customer to not only bring their vision to fruition, but also to mechanically and structurally make sure the unit is built correctly. Continue to read as we highlight a few benefits for designing a food truck in 3D.
Designing a Food Truck in 3D

Importance of Designing a Food Truck in 3D

One of the main reasons that APEX finds the importance in designing a food truck in 3D is to solve problems before they surface. When issues arise during the engineering phase, it’s much more efficient and effective to solve them within the design software, as opposed to investing resources and money into resolving the issues during the actual build process. This reasons helps to eliminate build delays, inventory inefficiencies, workforce delays, etc. We took some time to talk with one of APEX Specialty Vehicles’ design engineers, Lee Stoppelman, about the main reasons for designing a food truck in 3D.

  • Solve problems before they surface
    • Utilizing the 3D engineering software to place the equipment within the vehicle to make sure everything fits properly
    • Allowing the engineers to confirm the electrical requirements
  • Safety and Quality Control
    • Design, engineer, and build a food truck that meets all safety codes/requirements
    • Adding another level of quality control with engineering reinforcement
  • Consistency of having a process-driven workflow – from the customer’s idea to the final product

  • Address any customer constraints while in the design and engineering stages, instead of during the build

    Designing a Food Truck in 3D
    Click here to check out APEX in action to design a food truck in 3D

APEX has a CUSTOM Series that are outside the realm of our SPEC pre-engineered and pre-designed models, and allow for more creativity and customization. The advantage of having an in-house engineering team is extremely crucial for custom builds, because the 3D software and renderings add the visual element that truly brings the project to life.

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