Food Truck Builders in Arizona

5 Tips for Operating a Successful Food Truck Business

As you dive into the research on the most successful food trucks, let’s explore Food Truck Builders in Arizona. Arizona is home to some beautiful desert landscapes and nearly perfect weather all year round, making it an ideal place for festivals and events with a rally of food trucks and food trailers. If you are interested in expanding your footprint with a custom food truck or trailer, Arizona may be a great place to start and operate a highly successful restaurant food truck. Below are some food truck and trailers manufacturers that are in Arizona or deliver to Arizona and all across the country.

Food Truck Builders in Arizona

  • Prime Design Food Trucks & Trailers Repair – Phoenix, AZ
    • PRIME DESIGN builds food trucks, food trailers, carts, kiosks, and also completes repairs.
  • Stradabella Food Trucks
    • Stradabella Food Trucks and Custom Mobile Kitchens, a division of Silano Enterprises LLC, was one of the first food truck builders in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area. Stradabella Food Trucks & Custom Mobile Kitchens is a premier builder of gourmet mobile kitchens, specializing in the fabrication of customized mobile kitchens. Founded on the premise to build food trucks to meet the customer’s unique needs.
  • APEX Specialty Vehicles
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricator for the past nine years, the APEX standard begins with listening and understanding the customers’ needs. APEX builds the most successful food trucks and trailers, with a 98% success rate.

Before you buy and build a truck or trailer, it is a good idea to check out some of the work of these builders. Below are some food trucks in the area that could have been built by one of the food truck builders in Arizona mentioned above. You can follow these trucks and trailers on social media or their websites to see where they are located. Once you find them try their food and see if you can look inside at the kitchen to see the quality of the equipment and the effectiveness of the layout.Food Truck Builders in Arizona

Popular Food Trucks in Arizona

If you would like to check out these trucks in large amount, then it is a good idea to attend fairs or festivals in Arizona. Below is a list of some fairs and festivals that will have some of the trucks and trailers above will most likely attend, not to mention there could be fun rides and activities to attend while checking out food trucks.

Fairs, Festivals, and Fun around Phoenix.


Remember to take the time to really look at the truck or trailer kitchen layout you like and they equipment that you will need. Buying and building a truck or trailer is a big commitment, so take the time researching. Plus, it could be really fun attending the fairs and festivals while you are doing your research.