Food Truck Builders in Colorado

Habits of Successful Food Trucks

Food truck builders in Colorado have seen an increase in business over the past decade, and even more so in the past few years. The use of food trucks in the state of Colorado has grown exponentially and fosters the perfect environment for success. Colorado is home to some of the best slopes and natural scenery in the United States, and has gained recognition in food truck festivals and events. Many chefs are drawn to the business climate that Colorado has to offer – creativity, up and coming venues, outdoor event space, out of the box foods, fresh ingredients, and expansively growing communities.

Recognized as one of the most desirable locations for a custom food truck or food trailer, Colorado has year-round attractions that lend food truck business owners the steady traffic flow of both winter skiers and summer hikers, and other seasonal traffic in between!

As with all businesses, it is important to think about the cost associated, along with the rules and regulations. Having a traditional storefront or restaurant is costly and has greater hurdles compared to food trucks, especially considering the upfront costs without even considering the monthly operational costs. Because the upfront cost is so high, many people are turning to food trucks and trailers to bring their vision to life.

One tip to remember while searching for food truck builders within Colorado is that food truck builders are not created equal. Some builders are not equipped and able to handle the regulations for operation in Colorado, or simply do not offer a higher-end product. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for,’ and as many food truck builders may seem to offer a reasonably priced solution, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting and to review quality standards. Check out these food truck and trailer manufactures:

Food Truck Builders in Colorado

  • APEX Specialty Vehicles–
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricator for the past eleven years, the APEX standard begins with listening and understanding the customers’ needs. We stand by our craftsmanship on every unit that leaves our facility by offering an unmatched 5-year warranty, the most extensive in the industry.
  • Carts of Colorado, Inc.-
    • Carts of Colorado has worked in the mobile merchandising industry out of our home in Greenwood Village. Our goal is to help businesses operate more efficiently by offering standardized Kiosks, Merchandise Carts, Stands, etc. We specialize in custom projects, particularly mobile food carts and other solutions where necessary.

If you are interested in seeing the handy work of these food truck builders in Colorado, then check out these food trucks. You can go to there social media or web pages:

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of food trucks within the state, below are some examples of cool food trucks that stood out to us.

If you want to see these food trucks, and many more, in action, be sure to attend some of these events:

Fairs, Festivals, and Fun around Colorado

  • Denver – Food & Drink Festivals 2019 –
  • Food truck row –
  • 303 Magazine –
  • Northglenn Food Truck Carnival –

How to Choose Food Truck Builders in Colorado

It’s great market research to visit other food trucks in action, so you can see what would work for you and your business model. Be sure to reference this article on the Questions You Need to Ask Your Food Truck Builder.  Here are a few questions that will be helpful to ask your food truck builder contenders:

  1. How long have you been building food trucks specifically?

This question is important to understand how the builder began fabricating custom food trucks and will help gauge their credibility within the market. Just because a fabricator can build carnival trailers or vending trucks, a custom food truck or trailer is different. Ask for specific pictures, videos, and product examples.

  1. What are the differences in my options for food trucks vs. food trailers? 

Understanding and determining which platform is best for your needs is crucial and should be outlined by the builder. Many factors should be considered when reviewing the differences, including vehicle maintenance, tow vehicles, budget, crew, etc.
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  1. How does the builders process work from beginning to end?

Some builders over-promise and under-deliver, and to top that are late on delivery. Each day without your food truck or trailer in operation mode is a day you are not making money. You need to be aware of the timeline for the build process.  It’s important that your builder can clearly identify the entire build process – from design, engineering, exterior build-out, interior build-out, paint/graphics, training and delivery.

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