Food Truck Builders in Texas

Food Truck Builders in Texas

Food Truck Builders in TexasExplore the Food Truck Builders in Texas

Everything seems to be bigger in Texas, and the surge of food trucks hitting the roadway is no exception. Specialty builders are located across the nation, and many custom food truck builders in Texas have been recognized as some of the best in the industry. APEX Specialty Vehicles is the premier food truck and food trailer builder centrally located in the United States, and has provided several custom food trucks to clients in Texas, including Texas Ice Cream.

This article will highlight some of the food truck builders in Texas, along with some tips on getting your food truck business started!

Food Truck Builders in Texas

  1. Cruising Kitchens – food truck builder and stars of “Blue Collar Backers” on the Discovery Channel. Cruising Kitchens is located in San Antonio, Texas, and specializes in fabricating the most extravagant custom mobile kitchens & mobile business across the world.
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  1. Texas Cart Builder – food truck builder located in Houston, Texas. Assisting a large spectrum of food industries and markets, these advantages create a significant competitive edge, positioning our company as the first choice for trucks and mobile kitchens.


  1. ATX Food Truck Builder – a food truck builder is an Austin-based company building custom-built food trucks, trailers, buses and more. Each mobile unit we build is built with the highest quality standards and attention to detail at a fair price for our clients.


  1. EPTX Custom Food Trucks – a food truck builder in El Paso, Texas that customizes food trucks and step vans, as well as refurbishing services for those clients who bring in their own food truck.


  1. APEX Specialty Vehicles – the premier food truck builder that provides an in-house design and engineering team to bring your vision to fruition. The continual investment in design and fabrication innovation has allowed APEX to build food and marketing trucks to some of the top clients across the United States.


Are you thinking about launching a food truck in Texas? If so, there are several festivals and food truck show downs to be aware of in 2017. Let’s check out a few:

APEX Specialty Vehicles provides an amazing experience, that begins with call to our shop and ends with a quality mobile restaurant that has everything you wanted. APEX uses quality materials to build your dream mobile restaurant, with a process that allows you to follow the build from start to finish. APEX starts with designing your dream truck until it is perfect, then begin the actual build. Once the actual build starts than the project manager will send you updates on the progress of your truck.