Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall

Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall

Food Truck Tips When Preparing for FallAs summer begins to wind down, it’s time to look ahead, and explore Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall. This article will provide some great tips for menu ideas, locations, and the truck tips for transitioning into another season. APEX Specialty Vehicles builds a select number of high-end custom food/marketing/retail trucks and trailers each year. Our experienced paired with customer feedback has allowed us to offer this topic that we hope is helpful for other food truck owners, operators, and those considering taking the food truck leap.

Tip #1: Menu Revamp

Just because it’s now beginning to approach the fall season, you don’t have to unload everything cinnamon or pumpkin spice. Leave that to Starbucks, and allow you and your team to creatively think of some cool fall recipes that utilize local ingredients of what is in-season. Gone are the watermelons and peaches, but juicy pears and honey crisp apples may be the perfect fall flare to add to your recipes.
Ask your customers for suggestions on menu items. Post a question on social media asking what menu items your followers would like to see at your food truck. You may receive some great ideas or some that are just never going to happen!

Pair with a local farmer or market for the ‘inside scoop’ on what’s in-season. Who knows the product better than a farmer or someone who works at a farmers market? Get to know the locals!

Be sure to reconfigure your food truck or food trailer equipment to accommodate a new menu. Will you need more shelving space? Cutting boards? Fryers? Ovens? Be cognizant of your new menu items and how they will be prepped, cooked, and served within your mobile kitchen.

Let’s continue with the Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall…

Tip #2: Deep Cleaning 

What a better time to deep clean your food truck, including checking all fluids, and prepping for the change in weather and possible freezing temperatures. Check out this article, Tips for Cleaning Food Trucks, for additional information.

Tip #3: Festivals, Events, Catering Gigs

So many festivals pop up during the fall and what a better time than to get on the schedule as a food truck vendor at your local events! Talk with other food truck operators and see where they’re heading. Catering is also a great opportunity to supplement this season.

Another change in season brings a great opportunity for you to introduce some new and fresh menu items, get a deep clean and fresh start, and pick up some seasonal festivals and events. Let APEX know if we can help you with anything along the way. Our team designs, engineers, and fabricates the highest ROI-producing units on the road. Check out our recent projects in our portfolio!