From Concept to Fruition: The APEX Difference

APEX Specialty Vehicles would ike to highlight a project that is unique to many that we’ve built. The cuisine on this custom food truck prepares a southern style cuisine. yet was built for a catering/restaurant in Hawaii! The thought of APEX’s custom high-end food truck touring around Hawaii is really cool! Let’s check out this project From Concept to Fruition: The APEX Difference to better understand why building with APEX is truly different from other job shops.

Customer Vision
The goal of this custom food truck is to replicate authentic Texas barbecued smoke house meats for the residents of the Hawaiian islands.

The owner o Sunset Q partnered with APEX Specialty Vehicles to design, engineer and build a custom southern-style barbecue food truck. The objective of the custom-built food truck is to bring the flavor of Texan barbecue to Oahu inWahiawa.

Design and Engineering Solutions

The objectives of this custom food truck align with the goals of the owner at Sunset Q. The owner’s earliest memories of barbecue began in Coppell, TX and spread to Austin, TX where he honed in on his pit master skills. He eventually moved to Hawaii, but always felt the need to bring Texas barbecue to the islands, so he began crafting the Texas recipes that won over his fellow Hawaiian neighbors. Sunset Q offers a unique cuisine, Texas-style barbecue without traveling the nine hours to Austin,TX.

This food truck was built with the intention of serving ‘craft meat,’ which is a way that all meats are hand selected and nurtured throughout the entire smoking process. Sunset Q utilizes a traditional method of slow-smoking beef brisket (and other meats) for a full 12 to 18 hours for that delicious ‘melt in the mouth’ flavor of true Texas barbecue.

An effective way to accomplish was for APEX to install the Ole Hickory Pits smoker, mounted to the rear of the food truck. The high quality and durability of an OleHickory smoker was the best solution for Sunset Q.

APEX Specialty Vehicles builds the highest quality trucks and trailers for clients of all segments. From Fortune 500 companies and brands to professional sports teams to entrepreneurs, APEX becomes a true partner for the client and supports them along the way. Each unit that is built by APEX has over 90 hours of engineering and design invested into the project prior to the build beginning.

APEX Specialty Vehicles is the premier fabricator for food trucks, experiential vehicles and specialty projects. Focusing on design, innovation and product endurance, APEX has provided exceptional quality over the past ten years in business, providing over 700 brands and restaurant owners a superior build averaging 98% success rate years after completion. APEX houses a state-of-the-art facility of over 50,000 square feet with an in-house design and engineer team, project managers and certified fabricators installed the highest quality equipment.

Quality is king, and APEX is committed to providing the highest quality process, product and post-service. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company,  APEX integrates continuous improvement into their business model, and works to achieve the best possible product for our customers.

In addition to providing an exceptionally built custom vehicle, APEX backs our fabrication with an unmatched 5-year warranty. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

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