How Can a Mobile Experiential Vehicle Add ROI


December marks the beginning of the holiday craziness, budget deadlines and strategic planning for 2017. APEX is launching #31DaysofAPEX, which is a campaign to provide daily educational tips on designing and building successful specialty vehicles. ‘Tis the season to give, so we’d like to offer some free content that will help you engage in your marketing and business planning for the New Year. Let’s begin!

Day 1: How can a mobile experiential vehicle add ROI to an existing marketing strategy? 

How Can a Mobile Experiential Vehicle Add ROI
How Can a Mobile Experiential Vehicle Add ROI

One of the leading issues with marketing is measuring success or ROI on investments. The use of an experiential marketing vehicle is an opportunity to set definitive goals and include measurement tools within each goal for an accurate representation of the success. At APEX, we work with our clients to gain an understanding of their goals and objectives and devise a plan to meet their goals. Whether we are building a fully-functional food truck for a pizza franchise, or a custom retail truck for an MLB team, we work with our clients to put the elements in place for success.


Listen to APEX’s CEO, Brad Carlson, highlight how the use
of an experiential or marketing vehicle can increase ROI. 




Stay tuned for Day 2 of #31DaysofAPEX. The topic is Basic Tips to Winterize Your Sampling or Food Truck.