Mobile truck vs. Mobile Trailers

You’ve decided to start a mobile business, you start looking at what you want for your mobile business, and realize you have the choice between a trailer and a truck. Which is best? That all depends on your needs, but we are going to give you some tips on how to make the right decision.

Do you have a TOWING VEHICLE?

Unlike a truck that is all-in-one, a trailer will need a vehicle to tow it from locations.

do you want to park it somewhere and leave it there for awhile?

If you are anticipating wanting to leave your mobile business somewhere for an extended period of time, a trailer may be a better option.

Is height a concern?

In a truck the serving window will be placed higher on the truck in comparison to a trailer. If you are worried the window may be too high or it will cause issues with what you are trying to do, a trailer would be a more customizable option.

do you know a good trailer company or builder?

APEX Specialty Vehicles builds trailers from the ground up. We started doing this because often trailers have a higher failure rate due to the large amount of wear-and-tear that was happening over the years. The trailers we build here at APEX are made to be able to withstand the weight of a kitchen, or whatever you need for your business. It is crucial if you are going to have a trailer you ensure there is proper weight distribution or you could run into big problems in the future. Our advice is to have a great vendor assist you in this process. If you decide on a truck you will avoid this problem.

do you want to stay away from needing cdl certification?

Be cautious when you are deciding on a trailer because the weight of the truck combined with the trailer may exceed the maximum weight requirements before you need a CDL to operate the truck and trailer. Trucks are easier to keep under the maximum weight, which will ensure you will not need to get your CDL certification for your mobile business.