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Designing a Mobile Command Center

Designing a mobile command center can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the custom fabrication process. APEX Specialty Vehicles is offering some insight that will be helpful while you navigate the process.  Local and state municipalities or even national organizations find mobile command centers to be one of the most practical solutions for in-the-field…

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Culinary Food Trucks are the Next Big Thing

It’s no surprise that food trucks are continue to gain popularity, and many colleges and educational institutes are taking notice. From high school culinary arts curriculum to college culinary business courses, custom built food trucks are offering the best of both worlds – an educational and hands-on experience on a mobile platform. Let’s check out…

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Russell Stover Custom Dessert Truck

As an American classic chocolate company since 1924, Russell Stover is expanding their reach and presence with a unique, out of the box concept. The American-manufactured chocolates approached APEX Specialty Vehicles to build a unique Russell Stover custom chocolate dessert truck.  APEX agreed and happily began the design and engineering process of this delicious vision…

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Other Uses for Custom Step Vans Besides Food Trucks

From command centers to mobile retail trucks, this article will explore other uses for custom step vans besides food trucks. Let’s take a look at four specific uses: Mobile Medical Experiential Marketing Command Centers Merchandising/Retail Mobile Medical UnitsMobile medical step vans have become more and more popular for practical use. Insurance companies have integrated the…

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What Size Generator Do I Need in My Food Truck?

 This year the number of food trucks and trailers to hit the road is expected to grow exponentially. Whether you are an entrepreneurial DIY-er, a restaurant, or a catering company seeking a custom high-end food truck or trailer, this article will be helpful when you’re asking yourself… What Size Generator Do I Need in My…

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Specialty Food Truck Add-Ons Creating that WOW Factor

When dozens of food trucks are lined up at a large festival, you definitely want your food truck to stand out and attract customers. That is a make or break in the food truck industry! Check out this article for some recommendations on Specialty Food Truck Add-Ons for Creating that WOW Factor.  Experienced and high-end…

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Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Food Truck and Food Trailer

The decision between a food truck or food trailer can be a game changer to your business success. If you haven’t thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of each build platform you may have missed something crucial. With insight provided in this article, you will understand the Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Food…

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Preparing for Food Truck Success in 2019

2019 is days away, which brings personal and professional goal setting to the minds of many. Business owners are using the next few weeks to strategize sales goals, business objectives, and budgets for the New Year. Food truck, catering, or restaurant owners are no different. This article should provide as a guide for you as…

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Reaching Customers Using Experiences

The world we live in is fast paced and technologically driven, providing consumers with what can be deemed as overstimulation. This energetic business climate shows a true difference between brands that are reaching customers using experiences and those that are not. One of the most efficient and proven ways to generate greater ROI is by…

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