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Custom Food Truck Wrap Designers

Wrap Up the Process With APEX We know how the famous saying goes – don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to food trucks the cover (or wrap) definitely matters. APEX has professional, custom food truck wrap designers on staff to transform your business. Showcase your brand and turn heads. At…

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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Custom Food Truck Builder

Now that you’re planning on buying a custom food truck or trailer, are you prepared for the process? Do you know what to ask potential manufacturers to ensure you get the best build results?  Below are ten questions to ask any food truck builder before you sign a contract. 1. What is the company’s design philosophy?…

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How to Decide Between a Food Truck and a Food Trailer

Choosing between a food truck and a trailer is a difficult choice, but regardless of your decision, at APEX Specialty vehicles we are here to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your decision either way. We’ve broken down some key benefits for each option to help you decide between a custom food truck and food…

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California Food Trucks

Natural disasters happen. This year they were very powerful and dangerous; causing quite a bit of chaos. Below are some events that are coming up. California food trucks allow you to attend events while your business during construction. CALIFORNIA FOOD TRUCK RELATED EVENTS: • Stagecoach; Indio, CA • Coachella; Indio, CA • Orange County Fair;…

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Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit

APEX selected as the Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit The city of Kansas City selected APEX as the Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit, which is a Multi-Configurable Custom Mobile Clinic & Command Center.  The custom mobile clinic will serve hundreds and hundreds of residents in the Kansas City’s Northland area. The…

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Key Traits of Successful Food Truck Operators

This article highlights the Key Traits of Successful Food Truck Operators, so see if you have what it takes to design, engineer, and build a successful food truck. This article is written from the viewpoint of APEX Specialty Vehicles, which is one of the highest quality, most innovative specialty food truck/trailer builders in the United States.…

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Food Truck Builders in the Northwest

When you’re ready to bring your vision to fruition, a geographic location shouldn’t limit your specialty builder, which is why we’re examining the Food Truck Builders in the Northwest. As the national leader in building specialty high-end food, marketing, and retail trucks & trailers, APEX Specialty Vehicles will offer our insight within this article. If…

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Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall

As summer begins to wind down, it’s time to look ahead, and explore Food Truck Tips When Preparing for Fall. This article will provide some great tips for menu ideas, locations, and the truck tips for transitioning into another season. APEX Specialty Vehicles builds a select number of high-end custom food/marketing/retail trucks and trailers each year.…

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