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Project Spotlight: Multi-Purpose Food Truck

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Smart Mouth Pizza, an Atlanta-based company that provides restaurant quality pizza to middle schools and high schools in the Southeast region. Thisinnovative brand is known for its nutritious and delicious food that continues to gain popularity on traditional school lunch menus. The goal of Smart Mouth Pizza was to build a custom…

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Ways to Attract Food Truck Customers

Food truck owners have taken huge strides to gain entry into a $2.7 billion industry (, 2017) with a continual growth rate of 300% over three years. What sets one food truck apart from the other 5,499 others out on the road today? This article will highlight Ways to Attract Food Truck Customers and provide resources on…

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Food Trucks and First Fridays

Ask any Kansas City resident about Food Trucks and First Fridays, and you’ll get rave reviews! The unique experience in Kansas City’s West Bottoms brings together nearly 10,000 people on the first Friday of each month throughout the year to eat, shop, and check out exhibits, music, and vendors. As a business located within the Kansas…

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Equipment Needed to Operate a Food Truck

When you begin the process of building a food truck, it’s important to understand the Equipment Needed to Operate a Food Truck. This will ensure you optimize your productivity, efficiency, and ultimately increase ROI. But let’s get back to the basics and consider the core equipment that is necessary for a successful food truck build.…

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Common Challenges of Owning a Food Truck

Owning a food truck can be a bit more complex than a brick and mortar for several reasons. Let’s explore five common challenges of owning a food truck that many owners/operators should keep in mind. Challenge #1: Government Regulations, City Licenses, Permits, etc. Food is one of the most regulated industry in the United States,…

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Creating a WOW Mobile Experience

Experiential marketing is gaining efficacy as a way to validate ROI and increase brand awareness. Top fabricators like APEX Specialty Vehicles have extensive experience building mobile experiences beyond the scope of food trucks. Creating a WOW Mobile Experience can generate greater product engagement and customer interactions than many other forms of marketing. Let’s check out…

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Designing Beyond Food Trucks

Design and engineering capabilities tell the difference between elite custom fabricators and those that operate and build as job shops.  Not all builders have an in-house design and engineering team that can generate 3D renderings, perform strength testing, and suggest configurations that optimize efficiency. APEX Specialty Vehicles is one of the only premium specialty mobile builders…

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Project Spotlight: Restaurant to Food Trucks

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Bado’s Pizza Grille and Ale House to expand upon their existing restaurant/bar and catering business. The Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania-based restaurant custom-built a pizza and griller truck that travels around the area attending festivals, events, and broadening the catering reach. Design APEX worked directly with Bado’s team to design and engineer…

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