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Brick and Mortar to a Mobile Business

The costs of brick and mortars is rising,  and mobile businesses are becoming extremely popular. Business owners are beginning to see that a mobile truck for their business means less overhead and more convenience. It is not only more convenient for the business owner, but it can be easier for the consumers too. People want…

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Mobile truck vs. Mobile Trailers

You’ve decided to start a mobile business, you start looking at what you want for your mobile business, and realize you have the choice between a trailer and a truck. Which is best? That all depends on your needs, but we are going to give you some tips on how to make the right decision.…

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Opening a Mobile Business

Opening a mobile business can be tough, but it is rewarding. We have listed some steps to help you when you open your mobile business. Whether it is a food truck, merchandise truck, or any custom truck you need for your business we can build it here at APEX Specialty Vehicles. Download this PDF and…

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The Cost of a Custom Built Truck

If you are wanting to get a mobile truck custom built you need to understand  the differences in the prices of having a truck built by a manufacturer. Although you may believe it is just the food truck manufacturer you’re talking with that has high prices, it most likely is based on the quality of…

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What You Need to Know About Your Generator

Running a mobile business means that you will need a mobile power source. This is where a generator comes into play. There are different sizes of generators, and you need to know what size of generator you will need to properly run your truck. There are several factors you need to consider when you are…

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Benefits of a Mobile Business

Mobile businesses are becoming more popular each year. A mobile business is versatile, has a lower overhead cost, and has great mobility. Common businesses people custom build their trucks into are mobile restaurants, mobile heath facility, and mobile clothing/retail stores. Although those are the most common builds, APEX has also built trucks for different sports…

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5 Reasons To Start a Food Truck

If you cook amazing food and want to share it with your community, then stop considering a traditional restaurant and consider a food truck. Food trucks offer a unique opportunity that you won’t get from a brick and mortar. Here are 5 reasons you should own a food truck:   1. Food trucks have a…

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