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Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks

The food truck trend continues to gain popularity. But did you know that food trucks are only one of the many ways step vans can be built out? There are many other practical ways to configure a step van, so let’s explore some projects relating to Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks.  Specialty Builds Beyond Food…

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Project Spotlight: Custom Lobster Food Truck

When you think of a food truck, you probably think of the standard cuisine options, including tacos, burgers, or pizzas. This project spotlight: Custom lobster food truck focuses on a cool build that really steps outside the box in the food truck industry! Three young entrepreneurs left their desk jobs to add a twist to…

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Common Mobile Food Truck Issues

Whether brick and mortar or mobile, operating a restaurant or catering company is challenging. There are four common mobile food truck issues that we will be reviewing. Understanding that operating in a 16 or 18-ft step van has many differences than a storefront, some would even venture to say more challenges than a traditional brick…

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Project Spotlight: Mobile Dessert Truck

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Andy’s Frozen Custard to design, engineer, and build out the Andy’s Treat Truck. Originating in Osage Beach, Missouri, Andy’s has grown significantly over the past 30 years, adding franchises throughout Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and future plans for expansion! APEX was honored to…

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5 Qualities of High End Food Truck Builds

Specialty manufacturers are not all capable of building to the same high standards. One may assume that the higher the price tag, the greater the build quality and finishes. However that is not always the case especially when comparing custom food truck and trailer builders. Specialty builders similar to APEX Specialty Vehicles have established some…

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Food Truck Builders in Colorado

Food truck builders in Colorado have seen an increase in business over the past decade, and even more so in the past few years. The use of food trucks in the state of Colorado has grown exponentially and fosters the perfect environment for success. Colorado is home to some of the best slopes and natural…

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8 Ways to Keep Food Truck Sales Up Throughout Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and many caterers, food truck owners, and entrepreneurs are looking at ways to sustain summer sales and grow their food truck business. This article will highlight 8 ways to keep food truck sales up throughout summer, while maintaining quality control, innovativeness and efficiency. Although we cannot speak on behalf of…

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Tips for Food Trucks in Summer

The dogs days of summer are near so now is the perfect time to summer-ize your food truck! Check out the below tips for food truck owners in summer that will bring out some summer vibes, fresh menu items, and draw in crowds during the busiest time of the year. Now is a great time…

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3 Tips for Standing Out in the Mobile Food Truck Arena

When you are trying to stand out in the mobile food truck business, it can be daunting. You’re stepping into a $2.7 billion industry (, 2017) with a rapid growth rate of 300% in three years. The opportunities are there, so it’s a matter of setting a plan, implementing said plan, and hustling to get…

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