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Gearing Up for a Spring Food Truck Launch

Even as the frigid winter months begin, it’s still the perfect time for food trucks — in this case, however, it’s planning, designing and building rather than operating! The winter months historically slow down with events, festivals, and catering gigs; however, the manufacturing side of the coin is busy, and manufacturers’ schedules begin to fill…

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Custom Vehicle for Grand Ole Opry

Known for the richest and most-dynamic history of country music legends, the Grand Ole Opry continues to create one-of-a-kind experiences for fans of all ages. The Opry has once again pushed the envelope with an innovative concept to retrofit an existing 1948 bus into an undeniably unique experience for visitors onsite at the Grand Ole…

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Austin City Taco Co. Custom Food Truck

Representatives from Austin City Taco Co. came to APEX Specialty Vehicles in September of 2018, looking for a custom specialty food truck, a fully-contained, state-of-the-art mobile kitchen designed to serve high volumes of gourmet tacos throughout the Fort Worth area. The catch? Austin City Taco needed their food truck fast – the experts at APEX…

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Custom Retail Trucks vs. Brick-and-Mortar

With the rising cost of real estate, it’s impossible for budding food-service entrepreneurs to avoid asking: what is the difference in start-up costs between food trucks and brick-and-mortar storefronts? Even as an existing business owner, the numbers can be daunting when you think of the overall expenses associated with either, so let’s take a minute…

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Top Reasons a Food Trailer is the Best Solution

The decision between building a custom food truck or trailer can be a difficult choice if you haven’t evaluated the pros and cons on each style of build. With the right intel, you can understand the top reasons a food trailer is the best solution for your and your business. There are many factors to…

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Ways to Integrate a Custom Vehicle Into Experiential Marketing

For agencies, restaurants, retail stores or entrepreneurial organizations, integrating a custom vehicle into experiential marketing efforts is a high-impact and non-traditional ideas that often generates significant return-on-investment. Experiential marketing can be viewed and interpreted in many different ways, and APEX’s specialty vehicle experts bring clarity to mobile experiential marketing designed to generate greater consumer interaction…

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Fall is an Optimal Time to Begin Your Custom Build

Whether you’re looking for a standalone food truck, an extension of your brick-and-mortar restaurant, or a specialty marketing vehicle, fall is an optimal time to begin your custom truck build. The cooler weather impacts foot traffic for food trucks, and our customers typically see fewer festivals and events where they can set up shop. This natural…

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Overcoming Tough Challenges

Running a restaurant can be difficult, no matter if it is mobile or traditional. Issues will arise in the restaurant industry, but there are ways to quickly solve these problems when they happen. It is crucial to figure out why the problem is occurring. It is important to clarify the problem to better understand how…

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Challenges When Starting a Mobile Business

Are you thinking of starting a mobile business? Starting your own mobile business isn’t easy, but it is possible. APEX Specialty Vehicles wants to give you an idea of what you need to do before starting your mobile business. What will your mobile business be? If you already have a business as a brick and…

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