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Why Apex Specialty Vehicles?

APEX’s design and build philosophy is like no other builder. We focus on getting the design and engineering correct from the very beginning by utilizing 3D modeling software. This provides clarity and transparency on the design and build process, before the project begins on the production floor.

APEX’s custom design and engineering process allows for prospective and committed buyers to begin working immediately with APEX’s team to bring the project’s vision to life, even while funding / financing for the entire unit may still need to be obtained.

The design investment is a critical aspect of each custom / specialty vehicle project, wherein APEX’s team of designers and engineers assist customers to realize ways to increase throughput, equipment efficiencies, and design innovations that are not possible in a normal production environment.

Take a look at our process and why we’re different than any other manufacturer in the industry:

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    Custom 3D Designs

    Each customer receives a 3D image of their custom chinese food truck design during the proposal process. With APEX you get to see the setup of your truck before you even sign a contract.

  • 02

    Built in-House

    Apex is one of the only builders in the nation that staff over 50 full-time, in-house food truck engineers, builders, and project managers. Because we don't outsource any work, our team works flawlessly to make the magic happen.

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    To High Standards

    We install only high-quality appliances, use only the highest quality steel and metalwork, and with quality installation processes that make sure your new Chinese truck rules.

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    With No Surprises

    Once we finalize your design in the proposal process, APEX provides zero variance build quotes. This means you’ll know exactly what your mobile food truck or trailer will cost and there are fewer surprises during the build process.

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    Delivered On Time

    APEX has a 98% on-time delivery success rate. An inaccurate mobile food truck or trailer delivery date can have an effect on many other parts of a company. We strive to meet the promised date that we provide during our quote process.

  • 06

    & Longest Warranty

    APEX offers a 5year warranty for each premier mobile food truck or trailer that we build. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

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