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Custom BBQ Food Trucks

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Pricing Starting at $100,000

Just Ask The Brands We’ve Worked With.

The highest ROI outputs, a 5 year nationwide warranty, 40 hours of pre-proposal 3D custom design work, and on time delivery – that’s the APEX difference.


Watch a walkthrough tour of a successful custom food truck built by APEX.

Mexican Food Truck-Sabroso Tequeria
Custom Food Truck-US Foods
Mexican Food Truck-Willy's Restaurant
Burger Food Truck-Postmasters Grill
Burger Food Truck
BBQ Food Truck-Walt Garrison
Custom Food Truck-Vista
Burger Food Truck-Pip's Burgers
Custom Food Truck-Ad Astra
Burger Food Truck-Apollo
Custom Food Truck-Pita For Good
Custom Food Truck-G's Chili Company
BBQ Food Truck-AngelFire 7
Custom Food Truck-Gioia's Deli
BBQ Food Truck-Mark's Feed Store
Custom Food Truck for Movie Sets
Catering Food Truck-Good Bites
Custom Food Truck-HyVee Grill
Catering Food Truck- Reef's Restaurant
Catering Food Truck-Rabbit on the Run
BBQ Food Truck
BBQ Food Truck - Chewaya BBQ
Catering Food Truck - The Farmer in the Hive
Custom Burger Food Truck- Nonprofit
BBQ Food Truck- Oklahoma Joe's
BBQ Food Truck - 18ft
Custom Food Truck- Mobile Radio Studio & Food Truck
Custom Food Truck- Meatheads
BBQ Food Truck- Two Brothers BBQ
BBQ Food Truck- Sunset Q
Custom Food Truck - Mrs. Grissom's Salads
Veterans Canteen Service
Grand Ole Opry

Your one-Stop Food Truck Manufacturer

Why Apex Specialty Vehicles?

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    Custom 3D Designs

    Each customer receives a 3D image of their custom BBQ food truck design during the proposal process. With APEX, you get to see the setup up of your truck before you even sign a contract.

  • 02

    Built in-House

    APEX is one of the only builders in the nation that staff over 50 full-time, in-house food truck engineers, builders, and project managers. Because we don’t outsource any work, our team works flawlessly to make the magic happen.

  • 03

    To High Standards

    We install only high-quality appliances, use only the highest quality steel and metalwork, and with quality installation processes that make sure your new custom BBQ food truck is built to last for many years to come.

  • 04

    With No Surprises

    Once we finalize your design in the proposal process, APEX provides zero variance build quotes. This means you’ll know exactly what your custom BBQ food truck will cost and there are fewer surprises during the build process.

  • 05

    Delivered On Time

    APEX has a 98% on-time delivery success rate. An inaccurate custom BBQ food truck delivery date can have an effect on many other parts of a company. We strive to meet the promised date that we provide during our quote process.

  • 06

    & Longest Warranty

    APEX offers a 5-year warranty for each custom BBQ food truck that we build. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

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The Little Details Make the Difference

The Right Build is Key to a Food Trailer’s Success

Know Your Industry

Working with businesses in the custom truck industry has taught us the essential business decisions that can make or break a company’s profitability. From knowing which are the best appliance brands for BBQ food trucks, to making suggestions about an eye-catching exterior design; we’ve worked with clients in the BBQ food truck industry across the country. We’ve heard success and failure stories from other customers. Let us share that knowledge so that your custom BBQ food truck is sure to be another success story.

Process is King

If you haven’t planned an efficient assembly line process for your BBQ food truck, your truck isn’t going to be as profitable as it could be. If employees are tripping over or running into each other, fewer customers can be served. The layout of your custom BBQ food truck is 100% the most important factor in your food assembly process and employee efficiency. When companies purchase a pre-designed or standard built truck or try to design a layout without consulting an expert, they can regret those decisions for the life of the truck.

All the Details

As a successful restaurant or brands group, you and your employees are busy, and building a mobile food truck is a time-consuming process. While you’re running your business, APEX will take care of ALL essential aspects of a mobile food truck build – not only will we create the design; we will help select interior appliances, assist with exterior designs and wraps, work with the shipping company, and we even provide financing in-house. Do you need more guidance? Our expert designers and engineers will help you talk through any burning questions.

Goes the Extra Mile

APEX is an amazing company that goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are taken care of and receive a quality product. I would highly recommend that you reach out to APEX for your Specialty Vehicle needs.

- Randy F

Great Experience

End to end great experience, from design to build everything has gone very smoothly! Thanks APEX team.

-Tyler V

High Level of Creativity

My company found dealing with APEX Specialty Vehicles to be very easy, which says a lot about an organization. They demonstrated a high level of creativity in their product designs and were quick to adopt new technology to produce better products. I am a big fan!

- Tom A

Get It Done Right

I recently visited APEX and met Brad and Randy. Great guys with wonderful product, modern facility with a staff motivated to do your job and get it done right. Took a tour with Jennifer and was very impressed with the engineering, paint shop and completed specialty vehicles I viewed. These folks are motivated to work for you and won't let your vehicle leave the premises less than perfect.

- John B