Project Spotlight: Custom Lobster Food Truck

When you think of a food truck, you probably think of the standard cuisine options, including tacos, burgers, or pizzas. This project spotlight: Custom lobster food truck focuses on a cool build that really steps outside the box in the food truck industry! Three young entrepreneurs left their desk jobs to add a twist to the Chicago and Austin food truck scenes with a mission to bring people together through their love of the lobster roll. After an onsite visit to APEX Specialty Vehicles in the Kansas City Area, Happy Lobster selected APEX to bring the vision of their second food truck to life! The crew at Happy Lobster are truly full of passion, hard work, and spunk and APEX wants to feature this as the Project Spotlight: Custom Lobster Food Truck! 

Customer Vision

Friends for more than 15 years, the founders of Happy Lobster believe that you don’t have to be blood to be family. Nothing brings family together like great food. In 2014, Alex Robinson, Tyler Cullitan, and Neal Bassett decided to leave their desk jobs for their dream of opening a food truck. Their mission: Bring people together through their love of the lobster roll.

The Happy Lobster approached APEX Specialty Vehicles to partner on the design, engineering, and fabrication for their second food truck. The first food truck is in Chicago, and the second truck will hit the streets of Austin, TX.

The design and engineering phase of the build process is a critical segment of all APEX projects. APEX houses a design and engineering team that creates 3D renderings for all projects before they are logged on the build schedule. This is much different than many other builders, who may find satisfaction in the ‘back of the napkin’ mentality. Not at APEX. We partner with the client to find the most efficient and productive layout options, best cooking equipment, and the truck base that works best with their needs and budget. 

Happy Lobsters build included stainless finishes, microbial flooring, and high-quality equipment essential to cook the lobster to perfection! The exterior graphics on the truck were installed at APEX’s facility as well.

Gaining recognition and notoriety in the food truck scene can be challenging given the number of competitors! Happy Lobster was awarded the Chicago Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Awards: Best Food Truck! Another one of their many awards comes from YELP – as one of the top 25 lobster rolls in America

Bring Your Idea to Fruition

Are you ready to launch a food truck business? Check out this article that outlines the Top 10 Questions to Ask a Custom Food Truck Builder. The key is to select a builder that is experienced and understands the importance of the design and engineering stage of the process. This is an aspect of the process that sets APEX aside from many of the other builders. The APEX process includes a significant portion of time and dedicated staff to the design, engineering, and exploration stage of the process. Before the APEX team even begins the build, the design and engineering phase should be fully complete and agreed upon by the customer. Check out the APEX project portfolio to get a better visual of the projects our team has completed.