Project Spotlight: Mobile Dessert Truck

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Andy’s Frozen Custard to design, engineer, and build out the Andy’s Treat Truck. Originating in Osage Beach, Missouri, Andy’s has grown significantly over the past 30 years, adding franchises throughout Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and future plans for expansion! APEX was honored to have the opportunity to build a custom dessert truck for such an awesome brand! Let’s explore this Project Spotlight: Mobile Dessert Truck as we welcome summer and the prime time for frozen custard!

Andy’s Treat Truck is the latest (and first) mobile business venture that will reside in the Winter Park, Florida area. Operating around the Disney Springs area, this mobile dessert truck will mimic the same qualities and consistency as the storefront locations across the US. This mobile dessert truck was designed and built as the first of its kind to serve Andy’s frozen custard the same way it is served in a storefront – made fresh hourly! The warmer Florida climate mixed with the Disney traffic seemed like a logical and cost-effective presence.

Inside the truck lies all of the equipment necessary to create the Andy’s frozen treats, including concretes, jackhammers and the classic chocolate and vanilla custard. The engineering and design team at APEX ensured all of the storage and freezer compartments were strategically and efficiently placed to maximize counter space. The self-contained ice cream shop is equipped to handle events and traffic for large crowds. With a small footprint, the Andy’s Treat Truck will park and occupy only a small area while opening up the truck to expose the bright signage, colorful graphics, neon lighting, and upbeat music.

One of the coolest features of the treat truck is how the chocolate and vanilla custard are made on-site each hour in view of customers, just like Andy’s iconic glass storefronts. Not only does this create excitement around the mobile dessert truck, but it adds engagement and buy-in from the customers. Andy’s treat truck will adhere to the same high quality standards, flavor consistency, and branding uniformity across both the storefront and mobile locations.

Not all specialty truck and trailer builders are equipped to handle the needs and requirements of mobile ice cream trucks. APEX Specialty Vehicles has experience with top brands within the ice cream and dessert industries, and has build several custom trucks. Check out APEX’s portfolio gallery of past builds:

Andy’s continues to expand so stay tuned in on Instagram and Facebook for more updates – search “Andy’s Treat Truck.” If you’re in the Winter Park/Disney area, check out this truck and enjoy a nice treat!