Project Spotlight: Restaurant Expands with Food Truck

This post focuses on a new and profitable trend…project spotlight: restaurant expands with food truck. Many restaurants have found that adding a custom food truck to their brick and mortar restaurant can be a successful and profitable business strategy. The means of reaching more people in a wider radius is powerful. A few other benefits include: 

  • Expanding your business revenue with catering and event options (weddings, large events, city festivals, etc.)
  • Raising brand awareness of your restaurant (social streams, event exposure)
  • Lower overhead expenses than a traditional brick and mortar 
  • Ability to expand without being strapped to a new location
  • Flexibility of testing new menu items or offerings
  • Reaching a different customer segment than those who typically frequent the brick and mortar restaurant 
  • Ramping up social presence with your food truck schedule and specials (more frequent posting)

Let’s check out a specific project spotlight that APEX Specialty Vehicles completed for Postmasters Grill. The restaurant opened in 2011 and experienced great success but wanted to expand and ultimately bring catering options to the community. The decision to build a custom food truck in addition to their restaurant has shown significant business success! 

APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Postmasters Grill to design, engineer and custom-build a griller food truck. With an existing brick and mortar restaurant, this food truck was built as an extension of the Postmasters brand to capture more events and catering business within the Camden, Arkansas community. The food truck was built to expand the reach of the restaurant-quality food throughout the area for private catering events, lunch stops, and even expanding presence into regional events.

Project Spotlight: Restaurant Expands with Food Truck


The Postmasters Cruisin’ Kitchen took the vision of the long-time history of the city’s Post Office concept and incorporated that into the design and graphics of the mobile food truck. APEX remained focused on building out the interior of the food truck to accommodate for preparing and serving the menu items fresh and in a timely manner.

The design and engineering phase of the build process is a critical segment of all APEX projects. APEX houses a design and engineering team that creates 3D renderings for all projects before they are logged on the build schedule. This is much different than many other builders, who may find satisfaction in the ‘back of the napkin’ mentality. Not at APEX. We partner with the client to find the most efficient and productive layout options, best cooking equipment, and the truck base that works best with their needs and budget. 

The extension of the brick and mortar with this custom griller food truck has allowed Postmasters to reach more of the community. From catering to community events, the branded food truck is equipped and ready to serve quality food!

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