Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks

The food truck trend continues to gain popularity. But did you know that food trucks are only one of the many ways step vans can be built out? There are many other practical ways to configure a step van, so let’s explore some projects relating to Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks. 

Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks: Mobile Command Centers

Mobile command centers are gaining notoriety within local, state and even national municipalities and government organizations. The ability to travel to a destination and operate a fully-functional office space is a very cost-effective strategy that organizations are beginning to notice. APEX Specialty Vehicles has built many custom command centers over the past decade and continues to design, engineer, and build many more on a national level. Below is a case study from a project that APEX completed for the City of Kansas City’s Health Department

APEX custom-designed, engineered and built a multi-configurable mobile clinic & command center that serves thousands of residents in Kansas City’s Northland area.

The custom-designed and built truck represents several Kansas City public departments and supports the Health Departments’ initiatives to gain exposure in the Kansas City area and provide immunizations and basic healthcare needs. The custom truck is multi-functional with the ability to serve as a centralized command center during times of disaster or immediate assistance.

APEX and KC Health Department partnered on this project with a keen focus on the design and engineering of this unit, ensuring the vision was implemented correctly. Once the design and engineering was approved, the fabrication process began in APEX’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility located outside of Kansas City, Missouri.  The exam truck is equipped with stainless surfaces, coin flooring and partitions to provide a sterile and private experience for each visitor to the truck. From vaccinations and immunizations to lead testing, the KC Mobile Health Unit is equipped and ready to provide a safe atmosphere for KC residents!

Take a tour of the truck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxQhckK-xbQ

Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks

Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks:  Mobile Retail Truck for MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks

APEX partnered with Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks to design, engineer, and build a custom merchandising truck that operates as an extension of their brick and mortar team store.

The mobile retail store is parked outside of the Dbacks stadium entrance and resembles the same retail experience as the team store inside of the stadium walls. This fully-branded merchandise truck is equipped with custom shelving, an open air layout, retail displays, and a point-of-sale system.

Click here to view the full case study PDF.

Specialty Builds Beyond Food Trucks:  Mobile Broadcast Studio for Friends of Public Radio

APEX had the opportunity to partner with NPR, Friends of Public Radio, for the build-out of a 40-ft custom vehicle with a multi-functional layout. The inside was equipped with a full kitchen and a fully operable production and recording studio, while the exterior has a custom fold-out performance stage. 

The vision of Friends of Public Radio was to create a multi-purpose vehicle capable of traveling within Maricopa County (Arizona) offering live music, storytelling, and recording opportunities to the public.

The mission of this custom truck incorporated strategic opportunities to increase impact of public radio within the community, targeting the younger segment with the food truck element, and generate visibility for community musicians.

The fully-equipped industrial-style kitchen in the rear of NPR’s 40-ft custom truck is the ideal setup for the famous Short Leash Hot Dogs. The 9 x 12 kitchen space is equipped with equipment to grill their gourmet hot dogs served from the Soundbite food truck.

“The coolest part about the NPR project was being able to grasp the vision of Friends of Public Radio, and help design the unit, bringing it to life. The ability to build a one-of-a-kind vehicle for a cutting edge mission for NPR was the most rewarding aspect.”  – APEX Engineer

Check out another specialty build that APEX completed for Friends of Public Radio. 

As an innovator of design, engineering and fabrication, APEX specializes on capabilities of building out trucks outside of the traditional food truck realm. Command centers, mobile retail and a communications broadcast truck are just a few of the examples that highlights APEX’s versatility. If you’re ready to speak with the top fabrication and engineering team, reach out to APEX. We truly are the top builder for your food truck builds and beyond! Get started by completing this quoter form here.