Summer Season is Here

Summer is the time for having fun in the sun and relaxing. It’s also the time to explore new places and new things. For example, Kansas City has the Royals, the Chiefs, and Bar-B-Que. New Orleans has Mardi Gras, jambalaya, and the Saints. Los Angeles has tacos, the Dodgers, and festivals. Notice what all those cities have in common?


Each of those cities has unique food to enjoy while exploring the city. What are your summer plans?


As food truck owners, summer is the peak season. Most people are traveling and exploring new cities. When they explore the cities, they also want to explore the unique cuisine the city has to offer. As food truck owners and operators, this is the time to step up your game. Here are 3 ways you can step up your game for the summer:


  1. Add something interesting…

 Add a menu item that has a twist to the local cuisine. This is a great opportunity to create the new version of a Korean taco in your city. The Koran taco, originally from Los Angeles, adds a creative spin on tacos.

This is also a great opportunity to test out any new menu items you were thinking about adding. Keeping track of what sales will allow you to see if your creation has paid off.


  1. Prepare a summer calendar….

Summer is also known as the festival season. Make sure to get your truck booked early so you can get the best location! By booking the festivals early, you will be able to plan the

other prime locations to operate your food truck. Planning where you are going also helps you as the owner and operator better market your business to customers. The more customers you have the better unders

tanding you will have on what items are liked.

The more prepared you are for events and locations, the more you are able to market on your website and social media. The internet is a great resource for all mobile business, but especially for food trucks. By having a website with an awesome picture of your food you can get potential customers excited and engaged in your business. Also, putting those pictures on social media will allow your customer base to grow.


  1. Check under the hood!

This may be the last tip, but it’s the most important!  Make sure your food truck is in proper working order, including all the kitchen equipment. There is nothing worse than purchasing all the food and permits and not having the truck or the equipment to be operational.


Here at APEX, we understand how important your food truck is, so make sure to take it for a check-up with someone you trust!