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Fall is an Optimal Time to Begin Your Custom Build

Whether you’re looking for a standalone food truck, an extension of your brick-and-mortar restaurant, or a specialty marketing vehicle, fall is an optimal time to begin your custom truck build. The cooler weather impacts foot traffic for food trucks, and our customers typically see fewer festivals and events where they can set up shop. This natural…

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Tips for Designing a Custom Mobile Food Truck

This article highlights essential Tips for Designing a Custom Mobile Food Truck. APEX Specialty Vehicles‘ process is extremely thorough, detailed and process-driven, and invests in the upfront design and engineering hours to ensure the following: Our customers visually see (in a 3D environment) the floor plan and understand the equipment they are receiving Evaluate the project for…

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Tips for Ramping Up Your Food Truck for Spring

Spring has sprung, so it’s the perfect time to set a game plan for your food truck success when the the hustle and bustle of spring and summer begin. Let’s explore Tips for Ramping Up Your Food Truck for Spring in this article. Although we cannot speak on behalf of all food truck builders, APEX Specialty Vehicles…

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Friends of Public Radio (FPR) Launches Multipurpose Food Truck

NPR Launches Multipurpose Food Truck Specialty trucks and trailers can be built for a variety of uses – from food service and catering to mobile retail stores. APEX recently had the opportunity to partner with NPR for the customization of a custom truck that doubles as a food truck and a mobile broadcast studio. Let’s check out…

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