Things to look for in a Custom Food Truck

Things to look for in a Custom Food Truck

Let’s head into Day 25 and Explore Things to Look for in a Custom Food Truck

You can virtually buy a food truck within 2 clicks online, however you have to understand you’re getting what you pay for, and ultimately without seeing the food truck, what EXACTLY are you getting? As a custom food truck builder, APEX is committed to offering design and engineering to bring your vision to fruition – both mechanically and aesthetically. Let’s explore five things to look for in a Custom Food Truck. You may also want to check out our previous post on 10 Questions to Ask Your Food Truck Builder.

5 Things to Look for in a Custom Food Truck

Built Code-CompliantThings to look for in a Custom Food Truck

APEX builds your food trucks to meet even the most stringent codes. With extensive experience building food trucks for California and New York, our team will ensure your truck is ready to hit the road with consideration to all factors: mechanical functionality, aesthetics, safety/health compliance, and business codes. Our high quality builds have received numerous comments from the inspectors on quality and textbook compliance that accompanies the trucks.

Things to look for in a Custom Food Truck

High Quality Equipment

We understand the importance of operating a highly functional and profitable food truck. The majority of APEX customers invest in a food truck to replace an additional brick and mortar storefront, or are established business owners that plan to incorporate food truck revenue into their business plans. The APEX team listens to your needs and provides the most efficient, highest quality solution.

Easy to Clean SurfacesThings to look for in a Custom Food Truck

Operating a food truck can be… messy! APEX builds out our food trucks with the mess in mind. Our stainless steel counter tops are easy to clean and will withstand the rigors of mobile food truck life. In addition, our rubber flooring is non-slip and easy to clean after a day on the road. The serving windows, cooking equipment, and storage shelving are easily kept sterile and sanitary throughout your daily operation.

Things to look for in a Custom Food Truck

Customizable for any type of cuisine

From pizza and Mexican to farm-to-table and Asian, APEX specializes in all food types. Our vast array of equipment and product lines enables us to bring customization to each truck we build, specific to their respective cuisine. As our experience is displayed in so many different food trucks, APEX prides ourselves on understanding the most efficient and effective way to configure a kitchen. Bring your concepts to us, and we will bring your vision to fruition.

Design Investment

Things to look for in a Custom Food Truck

Understanding that the APEX Custom series is your solution is like beginning from a blank canvas. Our design and engineering team will lead you through the proper channels of understanding your exact needs for your custom truck. We invest over 40 hours of engineering and design time into each of our design builds. Our APEX standard is to provide you with the WOW factor, but also a functional and profitable solution.

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