Top Food Truck Builders Near Washington DC

Top Food Truck Builders Near Washington DC

Washington DC is small, but the food truck industry is booming within the city. Although there are no food truck manufacturers actually located in DC, we’re assembled an article that highlights two of the top food truck builders near Washington DC, along with some must-visit food trucks around the city. Top Food Truck Builders Near Washington DC

Top Food Truck Builders Near Washington DC

  • East Coast Launch Pad
    • East Coast Launch Pad (ECLP) is a custom food truck builder based out of Manassas, VA right outside of Washington DC.
  • APEX Specialty Vehicles
    • Recognized as a high quality custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricator for the past ten years, the APEX standard begins with listening and understanding the customers’ needs. Our difference is simple – we offer a SPEC line of truck and trailer products, which are pre-designed and pre-engineered. If your needs are beyond the SPEC line, we offer a custom series for projects outside the box.

Both food truck builders fabricate some awesome and unique food trucks and trailer, however APEX has a different process than most builders, as they are focused on the design and engineering process to accurately and efficiently provide you with a mobile solution you are able to make an informed decision off of. If you are interested in checking some food trucks in the Washington DC area, then visit any of the below that may have been built by one of the top food truck builders near Washington DC.

Food Trucks in DC

If you are on the hunt for these trucks and trailers, then be sure to scout out any of the weekly local farmer’s markets and street fairs in the DC area. Also, be sure to check out some cool fairs, festivals, and events in Washington DC that will provide your food truck alley!

If you’re interested in expanding your current restaurant into the food truck world, keep in mind that all food truck builders are not created equal. As the saying goes…. you get what you pay for, so be aware of the finishes, craftsmanship, warranty, and process as you evaluate each builder. An article, Questions to Ask Your Food Truck Builder, may be helpful as the food truck build process progresses.

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