Top Reasons a Food Trailer is the Best Solution

The decision between building a custom food truck or trailer can be a difficult choice if you haven’t evaluated the pros and cons on each style of build. With the right intel, you can understand the top reasons a food trailer is the best solution for your and your business.

There are many factors to include when comparing a custom food trailer and food trailer, including the following:

1. Tow Vehicle: Unlike a truck that is all-in-one, a trailer will need a vehicle to tow it between site locations.

2. Business Model: Are you traveling from event to event, or does your business model hinge on your ability to be parked on site for an extended period of time?

3. Customization: Trailers can be customized to fit your specific needs. From stages and expandable side sections to interior workstations and custom-divided rooms, a trailer can be designed and built with many versatile options.

A custom food trailer may be a great option for more-creative business, as it gives the ability to think outside of the figurative box. When looking at the design and engineering elements of a custom trailer, the need for a partner with an experienced trailer fabricator is imperative. Not all food truck builders have the technology, experience, and engineering support to build a custom food trailer that meets code while providing an effective and efficient workflow throughout the unit.

When speaking with your potential food trailer builders, you may want to consider asking some of the following questions:

  1. Can you provide some examples of past food trailer projects you not only designed, but also engineered and built?
  2. How does your team ensure our business plan is sustainable within the trailer?
  3. Will a standard tow vehicle work for the style and design of trailer I’m looking for? If not, what kind of truck or vehicle will this trailer require?
  4. What is your trailer build-out timeline, and how is this different from a custom food truck timeline?
  5. What is the warranty on a custom-built trailer?
  6. What are the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance requirements? How does that differ from a custom food truck?
  7. Who is my point of contact with trailer-specific questions?

The list above just touches on the questions that one may ask when interviewing a food trailer builder, but it begins the dialogue and allows you to gain better insight into the expertise of the custom builders.

Choosing between a food truck and a trailer is a difficult choice, but regardless of your decision, at APEX Specialty vehicles we are here to ensure your custom food trailer is designed and built with the highest quality products.